Is hiring a storage space for renovation worth it | How much does storage space cost in Dubai?

Carrying out a home renovation is not a simple task. In order for a renovation to be carried out efficiently, residents often need to leave their homes, taking their furniture with them so that there is space for the work of the bricklayers and companies involved. In this sense, is it worth using storage space for the renovation?

Luggage storage is very well known, essentially by people who have to move frequently. In general, it is a shed where people temporarily rent to store furniture during this process, for a fixed amount. 

But, in addition to being very useful when moving, the furniture/volume guard can be used in the case of residential renovations, protecting the furniture against dirt and damage that can be generated during the renovation, as well as helping to expand the space for that the work of the company hired to renovate the residence is smoother.

Storage space for renovation: How to leave furniture safely 

There are different types of renovation, from the most basic to the most complex. Depending on the case, it may be necessary for residents to leave their homes for the work to be carried out, but there are also cases where there is no such need.

Regardless of whether you stay in the house during the renovation or not, furniture logistics need to be well done. Leaving all furniture exposed to renovation can end up causing problems, especially for the furniture structure. 

Depending on the size of the residence, especially in apartments, the space for renovation is reduced. When the furniture remains in the same place as always, in addition to making the work of professionals difficult, they are fully exposed to the debris and dirt from the renovation.

In this way, thinking about the packers and movers to preserve the furniture is fundamental. In addition, it is important to think of a way to reduce the clutter in the house during the renovation.

In this sense, using storage spaces for renovation can be an interesting solution, especially when the renovation is long. With the use of a furniture guard, you can store the furniture that takes up the most space and that you want to preserve. 

Advantages of Hiring Storage Spaces for Renovation

Security, for example, is a point that values the lockers for renovation. By storing the furniture in a controlled and supervised environment, managed by trusted companies, to which only you will have access, it is possible to guarantee complete security for the storage of the furniture.

While security is a relevant factor, privacy also reinforces the qualities of a locker, precisely because it is an environment where no one else has access.

Another important advantage is the improvement in the progress of the renovation that the volume guard for renovation guarantees. With no need to worry about damaging residential furniture, which can often be of high value, the professionals assigned to the move carry out the renovation in a more peaceful way.

The expansion of the space of the residence after the removal of the furniture also helps in the progress of the renovation, since there is much more space left in the environment, and there is no need to keep moving them around.

Easy access to furniture whenever you need it, whether to take it back home, sell it or renovate it, is also an interesting advantage of the wardrobe for renovation. 

Finally, the possibility of keeping the space rented for as long as you need, makes this type of service even more interesting. We know that renovations constantly suffer from constant delays, especially in homes that have more open environments, since weather conditions can interfere. 

That way, you can keep your furniture stored for as long as you need it throughout the entire renovation, no matter how long it takes. The costs usually remain the same, and you guarantee all these advantages, allowing the renovation process to be as smooth and comfortable as possible for you and the workers involved.

How much does storage space cost in Dubai?

We know that renovating is not cheap. It is necessary to hire a reliable company to plan and carry out the renovation, with different professionals. In addition, it is necessary to buy the appropriate materials for the type of renovation that will be carried out, whether it is the construction of a new environment, restoration of a room, or renovation of floors and other structures.

In this way, many people end up not considering the idea of having a storage room for renovation, believing that further increasing the costs of this process could be problematic in the future. However, it is important to keep in mind that this type of service can be very cost-effective, with very affordable values, especially considering what it offers.

The values of the storage boxes usually vary a lot, taking into account different aspects:

  • Region
  • Boxing size
  • Type of belongings that will be stored
  • Contract time

Naturally, luggage storage in the city of Dubai, for example, is cheaper than in a city in the interior, since the cost of living between the municipalities is different. It does start from AED 500 to AED 1000 for 50 square feet of shared storage space or maybe a storage box depending upon your requirement.

To find a storage room for a renovation that is worth it for you, it is necessary to make a prior assessment of your needs, quantity, types of furniture, and financial conditions. 

It is normal for a company that charges more for self-storage to have more storage space and has specialized 24-hour surveillance that guarantees total security and privacy for you. At the same time, depending on how long the home is being renovated and the amount of furniture that needs to be stored, a cheaper box can be an interesting solution. 

Count on Moversjoint

Now that you know that it is worth investing in a storage room for renovation, you also need to keep in mind that having specialized companies makes this process much smoother and more efficient. Transporting furniture to self-storage, for example, is an essential step for the proper storage of these valuable items.

In this sense, it is essential to have a company that carries out this entire logistical process in a safe and efficient way, preventing furniture from being damaged during movement. There are several companies that perform this type of service, but as it is a decisive step, it is essential to choose a company of reputation and recognition.

In this way, Moversjoint, a company that has been operating in the movers and packers market for moving with storage spaces, is the ideal solution. Moversjoint has recognized professionals, who have all the documentation verified in the market, ready to act and perform this type of service in a safe and practical way.

By working with us, you ensure that your furniture is transported to the Storage Spaces without being damaged during transport, maintaining its structural quality and durability. 


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