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We understand how much stress it is to move your home to the place where all your comfort is. We do understand the hassle one has to go through to leave all the comfort and good time behind and start a new journey in the new home. We are not just here to move your items we are here to see it to the end. Not only do we move but we also arrange everything as per your satisfaction and your requirements. We aim to give our customers peace of mind in all categories of removal and storage, we are the best house moving company due to the maximum assistant provided. We prioritize safety within a logistics project and detailed panning for all operational activities. 

Every house has its own need and the service should bend that way so that everything runs smoothly. We think of moving as a dynamical process experience where we have to think about each and everything before we move your house. We know that the house moving in Dubai is difficult due to the busy life in Dubai as everyone has something more important to do with their life. So that’s where we come in the most efficient Dubai house movers and packers

The Best Home Movers in UAE


We make residential apartment moving with sophisticated and modern packing material, we have great cost benefits. Our moving team is complete and trained to perform the moving services, works with experience and responsibility. our employees use their own table for the packing process. We are considered as one of the best apartment moving company.


When it comes to Villa, it’s a big responsibility and requires special care and mobility to see it through the end. The best thing to do before moving the Villa is to ensure that a surveyor comes in to have a look of each and every prospect of the Villa so that not a single fragment is missed to ensure that the Villa is moved professionally and with experienced helpers to guide along.


Every house requires something unique for itself when it comes to moving. As for the Townhouse share us the pictures with or let us inspect your townhouse and we’ll provide the best movers in Dubai. We provide the best quality premium service for our customers and always strive for a better experience and quality to ensure that the customer faces no hassle in this whole process.

How can Moversjoint help with the Moving Process?

Moversjoint as professional movers and packers in the market make the whole process of home moving much more efficient and seamless. We handle every situation in a planned and proper manner while on the go. Regardless of your moving requirements, we take everything into account, strategize and execute plans to provide maximum coverage.

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I need someone to Move Some Items.. Move my Apartment.. Store my items.. Move my Villa.. Paint my House.. Fix the Curtains.. Nail the Wall Hangings.. Connect the White Goods..

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Sophie Weeks
Sophie Weeks
Couldn’t recommended this company enough - quickest process and the gentlemen knew exactly what they were doing! Thank you for such an easy moving day!
Kristine Nalam
Kristine Nalam
Couldn't be more thankful to this team. I booked the transfer with them a week before my scheduled transfer date. Everything went smoothly until my then agent scammed us which caused so much delay in ejari and move out permits. I had to move my schedule with them last minute yet they were very considerate. Hamza is very accommodating. The supervisor was their at the time of packing our staff and it was such a huge relief knowing my things are being packed safely. They were very strategic in terms of packing. They are also very fast and seems so expert in what they do. I was just happy that atleast one thing went right for this house shifting predicaments. Too bad I was not able to get their names but I hope they get the commendations they deserve. Moversjoint is highly recommended and they deserve a good business! 👍👍
Computer Science
Computer Science
Great job very tentative and complete all the work smoothly.
These guys are fabulous. Will surely recommend to others as well. Good work by Mr Kashif and his team.
Dolph Jr
Dolph Jr
I was impressed with the affordable pricing and excellent service provided by Moversjoint.
Vaain Sharma
Vaain Sharma
"The team at Moversjoint were prompt, courteous, and efficient. I would definitely use them again."
Tamana Singh
Tamana Singh
"Moversjoint exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and careful handling of fragile items."
Nusrat Almeri
Nusrat Almeri
"I highly recommend Moversjoint for their professional handling of my belongings and timely delivery."
Faiz Al Shamsi
Faiz Al Shamsi
Moversjoint made my relocation hassle-free with their efficient and friendly service."
I recently used a moving company that also offered storage services, and I was extremely impressed with their level of service. Not only did they move all of my belongings safely and efficiently, but they also helped me store some of my items for a few months. Their storage facility was clean, secure, and easily accessible. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable moving and storage service

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Most frequent questions and answers

Request for a quote from Moversjoint and any of our sales reps will contact you. Consider requesting quotes from multiple movers in Dubai to get a more accurate estimate

Home movers and packers in Dubai take into consideration the following factors into account while calculating the cost of moving:

  • Size of your belongings:
  • The bigger the size of your furniture and other possessions, the more it will cost to move them to your new home
  • The distance to your new home
  • The greater the distance, the higher the cost is likely to be
  • Moving to another Emirate
  • The cost of moving from Dubai to another Emirate is higher than relocating within Dubai
  • Professional service
  • FIDI-accredited movers and packers usually have higher rates as they provide premium services. With Moversjoint, you will not have to worry about facing delays, damages, losses, hassles, or hidden charges if you go for such companies. The charge is often higher on busier days. For example, moving on the non-working days or the weekends might cost more.


You can pack those personal belongings that you do not want any one else to handle. For the rest of it, it is advised to leave the packaging to our professionals.

Ideally, you should start the booking process two months before your move date. In the worst-case scenario, do so atleast four weeks earlier. But know that if you have only a month or less before you move, you will have a limited choice of movers. Most good movers are booked two or three months in advance.

Under normal circumstances, it takes a day to move the contents of a studio or one-bedroom apartment. For bigger homes, it may take two or three days. There are also other factors such as whether or not you use a professional moving company. The earlier you book the services of a trustworthy home movers and packers, the better, so it is advisable to do your research and make your choice

You need to pay 50% of the bill amount in advance and the rest on the day of the move.

I need someone to Move Some Items.. Move my Apartment.. Store my items.. Move my Villa.. Paint my House.. Fix the Curtains.. Nail the Wall Hangings.. Connect the White Goods..

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