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Request for a quote from Moversjoint and any of our sales reps will contact you. Consider requesting quotes from multiple movers in Dubai to get a more accurate estimate

Home movers and packers in Dubai take into consideration the following factors into account while calculating the cost of moving:

  • Size of your belongings:
  • The bigger the size of your furniture and other possessions, the more it will cost to move them to your new home
  • The distance to your new home
  • The greater the distance, the higher the cost is likely to be
  • Moving to another Emirate
  • The cost of moving from Dubai to another Emirate is higher than relocating within Dubai
  • Professional service
  • FIDI-accredited movers and packers usually have higher rates as they provide premium services. With Moversjoint, you will not have to worry about facing delays, damages, losses, hassles, or hidden charges if you go for such companies. The charge is often higher on busier days. For example, moving on the non-working days or the weekends might cost more.


You can pack those personal belongings that you do not want any one else to handle. For the rest of it, it is advised to leave the packaging to our professionals.

Ideally, you should start the booking process two months before your move date. In the worst-case scenario, do so atleast four weeks earlier. But know that if you have only a month or less before you move, you will have a limited choice of movers. Most good movers are booked two or three months in advance.

Under normal circumstances, it takes a day to move the contents of a studio or one-bedroom apartment. For bigger homes, it may take two or three days. There are also other factors such as whether or not you use a professional moving company. The earlier you book the services of a trustworthy home movers and packers, the better, so it is advisable to do your research and make your choice

You need to pay 50% of the bill amount in advance and the rest on the day of the move.

Yes, We have 3 – Ton Closed trucks.

Yes, our helpers are experienced and professional people as they are properly trained for moving purposes.

Yes, our helpers do wear uniforms as it’s more professional.

Yes, We carefully dismantle all the furniture and assemble as well in the new house.

Yes, We never use the material twice as it increases the chance to damage the item.

This question depends on the size of the apartment/ Villa. We try to move the house in one day as it is more convenient for the customer because moving is a stressful event and we don’t want it to take too long. But we always respect the customer requirement and work it according to his/her way.

Yes, we do along with the moving services. We provide curtain installation, wall mounting, and picture installation.

We know that moving dates can change due to so many reasons, so we don’t charge and reschedule fee, however, we appreciate being informed first to check our availability of moving teams.

We don’t charge the cancellation fee unless we are being informed two days before, however, if moving is cancelled before one day AED 200 is chargeable.

Yes, we use normal size boxes for kitchen or living room items, we use small boxes for papers, files or any documents, and we use wardrobe boxes for clothes.

Yes, We do on demand.

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