How Can I Make Moving Out Easier | Moving Tips

It’s normal to be apprehensive whenever a moving house is approaching – arranging our lives in boxes may seem complicated, but when it’s done as a couple it’s always easier.

Then there are all those bureaucracies that are part of the process, but in the end the effort pays off when we enter the new house to stay (even if we first have to clean, assemble and tidy everything up before we can comfortably sit on the sofa). The secret is to make a list! Yes, a list of all the steps needed to successfully implement the change.

We are going through this experience from our customers on daily basis so we decided to share our list with you.

1. Organize and package

Prepare for the move in time. Make a selection and leave behind in this change everything that is old, spoiled and has no use (and there went a few dozen magazines to the trash!). When you start to pack, organize and identify the boxes by divisions and categories (books, toys, clothing, etc.). No matter how tidy and organized we are, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve accumulated a lot of junk!

2. Plan moving day

Don’t try to make the move alone, ask friends and family for help in exchange for dinner! If you do not have access to this resource, ask for quotes from movers in Dubai and organize the move with experienced professionals – both your furniture and your back are grateful.

3. Changing contracts and changing addresses

Contact all your suppliers as soon as possible, so that the new house has all the conditions when you move. Please note that to change water, electricity, gas and television/internet/telephone contracts to the new address you will need some documents. Also, do not forget to inform the banks, insurance, and the services to which you are subscribed and to change the address on your citizen card, the latter entitles you to a fine if you do not do so within the legal deadline. Ah! And ask for the forwarding of correspondence at your local post office!

4. Furnish and decorate

In the beginning, bet on savings! See if someone is selling what they’re looking for online – even second-hand, there are things that might be as new. Search online stores to compare prices and find possible discounts. And invest in DIY! We can make decorative objects with almost anything and there is always a piece of furniture that can be renewed with a simple painting. By the way, first see how to get paint off your clothes before venturing out.

5. Clean up before tidying up

Before you fill the new house with boxes, set aside a day before moving to do a thorough cleaning. Clean from top to bottom, starting with the ceiling and walls and ending with cleaning the floor. Also, don’t forget to clean those areas that you won’t be cleaning anytime soon, such as windows, inside cabinets, areas behind appliances, radiators, etc. And don’t forget to thoroughly clean doorknobs, switches, kitchen utensils, bathtubs/showers, sinks and toilets.

6. Unpack and Enjoy

It may seem like an impossible mission, but take it easy! It’s simpler to unpack the boxes by division – give priority to the kitchen and bathroom and then move on to storing your clothes. Finally, organize the room and arrange the decoration objects. And once installed and satisfied with the result, enjoy… new house, new life!

How Moversjoint can help you

We can assure the services we offer are premium and there are no hidden charges. We provide good packing and our helpers are trained. Lower quotes means less trained helpers or outsource work.

Our service includes the premium move services which includes

  1. Packing & Unpacking
  2. Dismantling & Assembling
  3. Closed Trucks
  4. Experienced and trained Helpers
  5. Packing material

It means you just have to give us your move date and you have to do nothing. We will do all the packing, unpacking to your new place. Call now 055 821 5632 to move with us.


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